Business Training: Digital Learning and Social Learning, a new approach for the HR Manager

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Salesforce & Tableau Webinar: Agenda Salesforce: The Atlantic Way F. Walker, Commercial Director | Atlantic Technologies UK Tableau: Give or Take! B. Tym, Senior Tableau Consultant | Atlantic Technologies UK R. Bolognini, Senior Tableau Consultant | Atlantic Technologies A Practical Demonstration of Salesforce & Tableau No Change, No Gain M. Jassat Programme Director | Atlantic Technologies UK Don’t miss this chance to learn about the power of visualising ERP data within Salesforce! Learnhow you can have a leading edge over your competitors when managing your Accounts,Forecasting Sales and Profit and prioritising new Business based on the probability to close.Discover how you can optimize digital transformation while managing cultural and business change. Salesforce and Tableau Webinar: more info International cloud consulting company with offices in Milan and London. We’re Salesforce Platinum Partners and one of the primary Tableau Partners in Europe. We have 20 years of IT consulting experience and industry expertise that we combine with the best cloud solutions in the market. Tailor made projects and following best practices are what we do best!

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